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System expansion

Get more out of your system

The company is expanding, production is increasing, the component is growing, the load is getting heavier, the requirements are increasing and the employees want some relief. So the only option left is to dispose of the existing tools and replace them with new systems? No, not necessary, because the light crane system can be individually expanded with handling technology from STRÖDTER.

Use a handling device from STRÖDTER instead of the electric chain hoist.

Industrial manipulators easily according to your needs and products. The ECO devices are also suitable for screwdriving and assembly technology. And as a rail system supplier, we are your hall outfitter. Whether thread spools, boxes, sacks, body parts or fine stoneware -
We have the know-how and the right grippers. [Contact]

Industrial manipulators (B2B)
Very easily
Completely finished

Komplettschienensysteme & Aluminiumschienensystem