3 portal steel construction

We proudly present to you our state-of-the-art 3-gantry steel construction light crane system, which was specially developed for the realization of large work areas. As an extremely flexible modular system, it enables quick and easy design of tailor-made workstations that are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your company. A portal rail system directly from the manufacturer for B2B.

The heart of our light crane system is the ROLLYX (or ROLLYXPLUS+) rail system, which consists of first-class extruded and hard-anodized multi-chamber precision aluminum profiles. This high-quality construction ensures not only the remarkable lightness of the system, but also exceptional bending and torsional rigidity. In conjunction with industrial quality electric chain hoists, the ROLLYX rail system enables loads to be moved effortlessly at all levels. This gives you unparalleled flexibility and ease of use in your material handling tasks.

An additional option is to replace the steel construction portal with the innovative polygon support system made entirely of aluminum. This alternative offers you a reduction in weight of the overall system while maximizing the load capacity that aluminum offers due to its excellent properties.

Our lifting devices of this type are characterized by their simple and intuitive operation. This allows your employees to handle materials smoothly and creates an ergonomic work environment that increases workplace productivity and safety.

The 3-gantry steel construction light crane system is the ideal choice if you want to use large work areas efficiently. Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of this system, you can tailor workstations to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Trust in the many years of experience and proven quality of our light crane system to meet your material handling needs. Create a workplace that perfectly meets the needs of your company and allows your employees to handle materials easily and efficiently. Invest in our advanced 3-gantry steel construction light crane system and increase efficiency and productivity in your company.