Mobile slewing crane

Mobiler Schwenkkran
Mobiler Schwenkkran Mit ROLLYXPLUS+ Aluminiumschiene und Elektrokettenzug
STRÖDTER PDF Katalog Universal Schwenkkran Programm

(1) Drehlager
(2) Kragarm mit innenliegender Energiezuführung
(3) Kettenzug
(4) Kettensack
(5) elektrische Steuerung
(6) Lasthaken
(7) Hauptschalter
(8) Mobiler Standfuss
(9) Nivellierfüsse (Kunststoff mit Schonbelag)

We also offer you a mobile jib crane from the STRÖDTER universal jib crane program with a load weight of up to 250 kg. With the ROLLYXPLUS+ aluminum rail you get lower operating forces and the disruptive energy lines migrate cleanly into the aluminum extension. Choose an industrial-quality electric chain hoist or an industrial manipulator from STRÖDTER as your lifting gear. In our brochure you will find all relevant information. At the end of the brochure you will find an inquiry form.

The mobile slewing crane is also available with a special variant: a telescopic pillar! The reduced column height simplifies the transport of the slewing jib. Both in operation and on the truck. Annoying assembly work is no longer necessary.

Simply assemble the slewing crane workstations from the components of the universal range. You can find the technical data and fastening options on the document. Technical drawings are available for a quick overview of the versions. Many electric chain hoist variants are available for many applications. In addition, help is available for selection. Available accessories and services are also listed. Do you need a gripper for your product? That's not a problem either - STRÖDTER offers you a large selection of proven grabs. Ergonomics also plays an important role in the selection of components. In order for this to succeed, we have designed our slewing pillar cranes for this purpose. Industrial jib cranes from the manufacturer!

STRÖDTER PDF Katalog Universal Schwenkkran Programm