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Articulated jib

Surely many are familiar with the problem: You are in the process of planning an efficient workplace for an industrial manipulator and realize that there are projecting edges or obstacles in the work area that could prevent the manipulator from moving smoothly. But don't worry, because with our innovative articulated jib, this obstacle becomes secondary.

The articulated jib is the ideal solution to deal with such challenges. Thanks to its special kinematic arm, the manipulator can effortlessly avoid interfering edges and swing them around through direct guidance. As a result, the working space is used optimally and the STRÖDTER manipulator can move freely without bumping into the obstacles.

Our articulated boom perfects material handling in the workplace, enabling smooth and precise handling of loads. The flexibility of this system opens up new possibilities and significantly improves the efficiency of your production or warehouse.

Industrial manipulators play a crucial role in material handling, helping workers move heavy loads safely and efficiently. Our articulated boom makes this task even easier and more reliable, allowing for optimal use of working space and meeting the needs of your specific work environment.

Our approach is to make the solutions to your needs as simple as possible. The articulated jib boom comes completely finished, so you don't have to worry about complex assembly processes. You get a ready-to-use and perfectly tuned system that brings you immediate benefits.

Trust in our many years of experience and expertise in the field of industrial manipulators to optimize your workplace. With our STRÖDTER articulated boom, material handling becomes an effortless task that increases your productivity and offers your employees an ergonomic working environment.

Discover the advantages of our articulated boom and take your material handling to a new level - simply, efficiently and perfectly tailored to your needs. We are your partner for tailor-made solutions and first-class industrial manipulators that meet your needs. Let our expertise convince you and experience the performance of our articulated boom at the workplace!

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