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Roof suspension

Easily use your existing steel shop structure to install a highly efficient X/Y track system. Our rail system from the aluminum crane construction kit consists of high-quality extruded and hard-anodized multi-chamber precision aluminum profiles. This not only ensures that the system has a low dead weight, but also impressive flexural and torsional rigidity, which ensures reliable and stable use.

Thanks to the use of robust aluminium, you get a track system that is durable and resilient, while at the same time boasting an impressive lightness. This is particularly beneficial as it minimizes the overall stress on your hall structure while ensuring the load-bearing capacity of the system.

To maximize functionality and ease of use, the track system is fitted with a high quality, industrial grade electric chain hoist. This chain hoist not only enables loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly, but also contributes to an ergonomically designed workplace. An ergonomically operable workplace is essential to ensure the safety and efficiency of employees while minimizing the strain of physical work.

With our X/Y rail system, we offer you a high-quality solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing hall structure. Whether you need to lift light or heavier loads, our rail system gives you the flexibility and reliability you need to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Trust in our many years of experience and expertise in the field of crane systems and benefit from a tailor-made rail system that meets your requirements. Create a workplace that is both ergonomic and efficient - with our X/Y rail system from the aluminum crane construction kit!