2 portal steel construction

We are pleased to present to you our innovative solution for sensibly equipped workplaces - our easy-to-use light crane system. To give you a smooth start, we recommend our basic portal rail system, which consists of a robust steel construction portal in combination with our high-quality ROLLYX or ROLLYXPLUS+ smooth-running rails. This combination offers you an ideal basis for efficient material handling.

The basic system consists of a 2-portal steel structure, an X/Y rail system and an industrial-quality electric chain hoist. The X/Y rail structure consists of premium, extruded and hard-anodized multi-chamber precision aluminum profiles. This design enables the load to be moved exceptionally smoothly in all levels, which makes practical use particularly user-friendly and efficient.

Another option for the portal structure is the polygon support system, which is made entirely of aluminum. This system offers an alternative to the steel construction portal and offers additional advantages thanks to the lower weight and high load-bearing capacity of aluminum.

Our light crane system enables easy material handling and helps to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of your workplace. The user-friendly operation of our lifting equipment makes lifting and moving loads an effortless task, providing your employees with a comfortable working environment and ergonomic benefits.

Trust in the proven quality and reliability of our light crane system to optimize your work processes and ensure safety in the workplace. Invest in a system that offers you a wide range of applications and outstanding performance. Make work easier for your employees and increase productivity at the same time with our light crane system - the intelligent solution for your material handling.