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Light crane system catalog (in German)

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The new product line from Strödter. Find information about our roof suspensions and portal steel constructions with X/Y rail systems.

Or via the practical fork lift device if you want to load your shelf independently of floor-guided devices? The individual systems contain chain hoists in industrial quality (optionally also with 24 V contactor control).

Or is your focus on articulated jibs or pure slewing jibs? The complete offer with dimension tables can be found in our PDF (5,5 MB).

ROLLYX swivel boom

Produktkatalog Anklicken um PDF zu öffnen!

In this catalog (4.3 MB) we have summarized all ROLLYX swiveling arms for you.

With the various assembly options and designs, you have the opportunity to select a high-quality crane system with extremely smooth-running properties for your workplace.

The slewing jibs can be used effectively for simple lifting and transport activities with large lifting heights and heavy loads.

UNIVERSAL slewing crane program

Produktkatalog Anklicken um PDF zu öffnen!

Why does this program exist?
The universal slewing crane program is our vision of lightweight slewing jibs.


What are the strengths of these swivel booms?
When transporting parts without snapshots, stepless, easy lifting, fast moving and positioning of goods in the assembly, production and packaging area.

What building blocks does the system consist of?
There are seven building blocks that ultimately form the complete system.

How are the swivel arms attached?
There are standing columns to choose from, but also mobile feet as well as wall and support brackets.

Which electric chain hoists are available?
There are sufficient variants in the catalog for all known applications.

Which device is suitable for my workplace?
The universal slewing jib catalog helps to make the selection as required.

Are there accessories and other options?
Yes, we offer both services and various products to provide the best solution. There are different handles and grippers with suitable functions and many accessories.

Do the slewing jibs relieve the load?
Not only do they relieve the strain, we also strive for the best possible ergonomics for the operator. So why continue to work unergonomically for longer?

What is the telescopic stand used for?
If you want to be mobile with the mobile stand, you also need a means of transport. In most cases, however, the height is not sufficient. That's why you can push our column together for transport and bring it back to working height on site.

How can I start a request?
At the end of the document there is a form - fill in - send - done!

Directions sketch

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