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System upgrade

Make the most of your system

Business expands, production goes up, the constructional element grows, load weight rises, requirements increase and employees ask for ease of burden. So, there is nothing else for it but to dispose of existing working equipments and to replace them by new systems? No, that's not necessary, as the light crane system may individually be upgraded by handling technology of Strödter.

Instead of the chain hoist you may install a handling device of Strödter.
Just as you please, tailored to your needs and products. The ECO-devices are also suitable for screwdriving and assembly technology. And as a supplier of rail systems we are your partner for the upgrade of industrial halls.
Whether bobbins, cardboard boxes, bags, car body components or fine stoneware -
We've got the know-how and appropriate grippers [contact]

Complete rail systems & Aluminium rail systems